Current Yearbook; 2016 Edition
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Current Yearbook; 2016 Edition

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The newly published 2016 Triple-M Register

The Triple-M Register of the M.G. Car Club is home to the ohc-engined M.G. cars – Midgets, Magnas and Magnettes – built in the marque’s halcyon years of 1929 to 1936.

The Register’s eagerly awaited 2016 Yearbook, published in April 2017, continues the tradition of providing readers with historic, technical and other information which will appeal not only to the owners of these splendid cars, but also to the wider vintage motoring fraternity and M.G. enthusiasts generally.

  • Mike Allison,  has written yet another fascinating article, this time about Hubert Noel Charles who was one of the architects of M.G.’s success in the 1930s through his innovative approach to engineering design.

  • Sam Christie’s article, Codes and Secrets, on the seemingly unrelated numbers stamped on M.G. engines, gearboxes and axles.

  • Triple-M M.G.s were always popular in Australia, and New Zealanders Denis and Desna Jury have recounted the saga of their L Type.

  • Dutch enthusiast, Thijs de Groot, has written a comprehensive article, Straight Forward, on rebuilding the various steering systems found in Triple-M M.G.s

  • There is no shortage of books written about M.G.s (not least this Yearbook!) but Ted Hack has seemingly got them all and has provided an illustrated description of them as well as an assessment of their availability – essential reading about essential reading!

  • Michael Wylie writes an article on Hugh ‘Hammy’ Hamilton, The Wild Man of Ards, whose dual with Nuvolari, both of them in M.G.s, at the 1933 Ards TT is still considered one of motor racing’s finest races. 

  • The late Mike Hawke was the definitive M.G. J2 enthusiast and in reproducing an article he wrote for the MG Car Club magazine, Safety Fast!, more than fifty years ago on Life with a J2, we show just how little things have changed (apart from the prices!).

Triple-M cars are increasingly active in competition of all types and this full-colour, glossy A4 publication also includes an account of their exploits during 2016 throughout Britain, as well as abroad, lavishly illustrated with over 150 colour photographs.


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