Current Yearbook; 2015 Edition
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Current Yearbook; 2015 Edition

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The newly published 2015 Triple-M Register

The Triple-M Register of the M.G. Car Club is home to the ohc-engined M.G. cars – Midgets, Magnas and Magnettes – built in the marque’s halcyon years of 1929 to 1936.

The Register’s eagerly awaited 2015 Yearbook, published in June 2016, continues the tradition of providing readers with historic, technical and other information which will appeal not only to the owners of these splendid cars, but also to the wider vintage motoring fraternity and M.G. enthusiasts generally.

Triple-M cars are increasingly active in competition and at least half of the 80 pages of this full colour glossy A4 publication are given over to an account of their exploits during 2015.

As usual, the Yearbook also includes a number of articles offering insights into significant, but perhaps lesser known parts of the Triple-M story.

There is something for everyone in this varied and entertaining publication, a limited number of which have been printed, so now is the ideal time to add it to your bookshelf.




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