Current Yearbook; 2018 Edition
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Current Yearbook; 2018 Edition

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The Register’s 2018 Yearbook, newly published in April 2019, continues the tradition of providing readers with historic, technical and other information which will appeal not only to the owners of Triple-M cars, but also to the wider vintage motoring fraternity and M.G. enthusiasts generally.

The A4 Glossy 84 page Yearbook includes several wide-ranging articles featuring significant historic and technical aspects of the cars 'that made M.G.' It also focuses on their survival and continuing successes in modern times.

Articles include the following:
• A fascinating account by Geoff Broadhead chronicling the development and achievements of one
of the M.G. R type racing midgets: RA0253;
• Register President Mike Allison, the well-known M.G. historian and author who worked for
many years at the Abingdon factory contributes two articles:
- A personal appreciation of Reg Jackson, a close colleague of M.G.
Cecil Kimber and who was a major contributor to the
development of Triple-M M.G. cars;
- A tribute to Walter Gordon Wilson, the inventor and developer of the
Wilson pre-selector gearbox;
• An account of four competitive P Type midgets compiled by Sean Smedley;
• An absorbing retrospective by Simon Johnston charting notable Ulster M.G. hero Victor Ferguson;
• A welcome reappearance of a 1978 Denis Jenkinson article from Motor Sport magazine
featuring J.H.T. Smith and his achievements in his celebrated K3 Magnette;

Competition Secretary Mike Linward rounds off the Yearbook with a lavishly illustrated account of
the many racing, trialling, speed and other events in which Triple-M cars competed during 2018.

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